Friday, January 15, 2010

Tom Hanks/ Julia Roberts film with scooters?

In a story on Julia Roberts' career, the Los Angeles Times included this tidbit of info:
...Now comes word that Roberts is taking on another lead role, with 'Charlie Wilson’s War' buddy Tom Hanks writing and directing a movie for the two of them about a man re-inventing his life at middle age. The man endures a midlife crisis and joins a kids' Vespa gang; Roberts plays an instructor at a school that Hanks' character enrolls in...

This must be one of the reasons that Tom Hanks bought a new Genuine Buddy from Route 66 Modern Classics last year.  My guess is that like most mainstream media, the scooters are not actually Vespa(r) scooters but the generic "vespa" scooter which is much like Kleenex and Xerox. But we'll have to see.

Internet Movie Database has 8 films listed in development for Roberts. Wanna guess which one you think it is?
  1. Happiness Sold Separately
  2. Youngblood 
  3. Hothouse Flowers 
  4. In the Neighborhood
  5. Monte Carlo 
  6. A Flowering Evil 
  7. The Friday Night Knitting Club 
  8. Birds in Fall 
My money (which is Monopoly money by the way ) is on #1.


Tim said...

Larry Crowne -

-april said...

Ah, Tim found the goods on the film. Bravo