Thursday, March 24, 2011

Larry Crowne Film Trailer

The trailer for Larry Crowne holds some excitement for Yamaha Riva fans everywhere! See th trailer here:

And check out Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks scootin' along here:

The film has a July 1st release date. Plan a ride with your local club to see it!

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Sean L. said...

Looks like an '84-'85 model to me. The mirror stalks were thinner for '83. Too bad they de-badged the bike for the movie, it'd be a bit easier to tell the year; the '83 bikes didn't have the "Riva" badge on the nice, just the "XC180" on the sides.

As a Riva owner, I call shenanigans on the yard-sale clip from the trailer. Any Riva 180 owner knows the carburetor needs to be cleaned if the bike is parked for a while. They just won't start like that! :D

-april said...

Yes,Sean. It's just a movie. They are more interested in driving plot than being accurate. Of course, the friend could have prettied up the scooter before the yard sale.