Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Office!

Scoot! has just finished a move into a new office. It's really just across the hall from our other office, but we're really happy about it! We've gone from a 325 square foot concrete room where our windows were all blocked by stock, to a 500 quare foot office with 4 windows and pergo floors! Boy do we feel like a princess at the ball! We've about to invite MTV over to showcase the "crib," but maybe we should wait until we get our phone line hooked up?

The Spring issue is at the printer adn we should have proofs available on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing them as this issue is jammed packed with photos of new scoots. Since we'rean 80 page magazine, we ran out of space and had to remove a bunch of content. So, in the Summer issue we'll have to move a men's riding gear photo spread and a few reader's rides. I'd love to take Scoot! to bi-monthly, but we'll need to build more ad revenue and subscribers so I can quit my day job and devota all my time to the mag. Encourage your friends to subscribe so I can make the move! :)

Over President's Day weekend, Josh & I will be in Indianapolis for the Motorcycle Dealer Expo. We'll be meeting scooter dealers and spreading the word about Scoot! KYMCO has been kind enough to give us some booth space again this year. They are awesome! If you're there look us up!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Year, New Blog, New, New, New

Wow! being as busy as I am, it just occurred to me that it is a new year. I know, it seems ridiculous, but since the magazine is put togther so far in advance I'm living in Summer 06 now, not January 06. So, I am actually accepting it and realizing that I got a lot of stuff to do.

One of my long-nagging goals has been to start a blog. Since Scoot! is a quarterly magazine (for now) it makes it hard to be timely with news, so I am starting this blog to make more timely news available. Also, to do a little gossiping, share some cool stuff and just keep in touch with Scoot!'s readers & friends. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions (other than random spam and lewd jokes!) and look forward to creating a kick-butt blog. For now, back to proofreading the Spring issue!