Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New Year, New Blog, New, New, New

Wow! being as busy as I am, it just occurred to me that it is a new year. I know, it seems ridiculous, but since the magazine is put togther so far in advance I'm living in Summer 06 now, not January 06. So, I am actually accepting it and realizing that I got a lot of stuff to do.

One of my long-nagging goals has been to start a blog. Since Scoot! is a quarterly magazine (for now) it makes it hard to be timely with news, so I am starting this blog to make more timely news available. Also, to do a little gossiping, share some cool stuff and just keep in touch with Scoot!'s readers & friends. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions (other than random spam and lewd jokes!) and look forward to creating a kick-butt blog. For now, back to proofreading the Spring issue!