Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Having Difficulties Updating Your Scoot Account?

You can do so via this direct link which should take you to the sign-in and then account page.

For some reason, we hadn't included the info for already existing online account users. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Expensive is Gas Near Stanford University?

I'm not kidding...$5.19/gallon for Supreme Unleaded Full Service.
Now, what dork would get full-service supreme gas during this gas crisis? Well, maybe a sweet old lady in a luxury car. I'd guess that even sweet old ladies are now pumping their own mid-grade at these prices!

Can you beat my recent high gas price pic? Post your own!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Earth Day...how do we make scooters even more eco-friendly?

This week, I have been in New York City with David de Rothschild explorer, eco-ambassador, and a past scooterist (he told me he had a 50's Faro Basso Vespa in his youth!).  He's spreading the word about how we can improve our relationships with plastics to reduce their effect on the environment. It got me thinking about the ecological advantages of scootering.

While scooters boast great MPG, there is a lot more to their eco-friendly nature than just fuel consumption:
Less traffic-- for those who travel alone (or with a passenger) a scooter takes up far less space than a car.
Less parking--It's possible to fit 4 scooters comfortably in one car space. With 2 people per scooter, that's 8 people that can fit into one parking spot.

What else can we do to make scooters even more eco-friendly? I'd love to hear your ideas.
Here's a few of mine:
Keep tires properly inflated: saves even more gas and keep the tire wearing evenly, thus extending the life of the tire. And make sure to recycle your old tires!

Keep your scooter tuned up: a scooter that leaks oil or runs inefficiently detracts from its eco-benefits. And your local scooter mechanic will thank you for the business!

Use less toxic cleaners and solvents: carb cleaner brightens up grimy parts like nobody's business, but it is harsh on the environment. Look for less toxic cleaning materials, even for washing the scooter, use it sparingly and clean it up properly. Don't let them run-off into the street drains.

If you want to leave a comment on how to make scooters more eco-friendly, send me an email or get involved in the conversation on Facebook.

Happy Earth Day!

Having difficulties updating your Scoot! account?

I've heard that some folks who already have Scoot! web accounts are having problems updating their accounts with the new membership numbers.

Apparently, we thought we had the account update screen formatted correctly, but we didn't. Our webmaster Chris is now updating the website so that it runs correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience to both our subscribers...and Chris! I'll post an update when it is fixed.

Onward and upward!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scooters of NYC

Some scooters that I have seen on my trip.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Chapter for Scoot! Magazine...hello, Scoot! Club!

From the Editor
[An expanded version of this notice runs in issue #60]

Scoot! Magazine's 60th issue is an impressive feat, especially when you consider that for many years Scoot! was a quarterly. Josh and I (and Mike) took over in December of 2003. Over the next 7 years, we made many improvements, but now it is time for yet another change at Scoot!.

It is with this great enthusiasm that we announce the debut of Scoot! Club, an all-new member organization for scooter enthusiasts. Scoot! Club aims to bring scooterists together by providing an overarching club with membership benefits, support for the scootering lifestyle, and unique interactive opportunities. Scoot! Club membership entitles members to special discounts at various scooter-related businesses. Depending upon membership level, members will receive Scoot! Club items like patches, buttons, t-shirts and access to roadside assistance. The Scoot! Club will host and sponsor events.

Scoot! Magazine will also be part of that membership, albeit in a different form.  Starting with the next issue, Scoot! will cease to be a print publication, but continue as a digital magazine.

It has been our dream to be a more integral component of the scootering community, but the economic realities of the past few years have made it hard to be in the magazine business. We have struggled in this economy, and a few recent issues were held up until we were able to collect on just enough back due invoices to cover the printing. The printing and shipping is roughly 80% of our budget. By eliminating the majority of these costs, we hope to have enough actual revenue to pursue some of our goals. You should know that this is not a flippant decision. As 2010 drew to a close, the choices that faced us were to either go digital or shutter the magazine completely. After some thought we came up with a third choice–to evolve the magazine and make it something bigger. Thus, Scoot! Club was born and the idea that we could actually achieve some of our greater goals was encouraging.  In the link above you'll find more information on Scoot! Club. I hope that you will check it out, and consider joining. All current subscribers will automatically receive membership, and soon will receive letters describing the transition.

While this change may be uncomfortable, and I'm sure that we will experience some growing pains, I think that the possibilities are exciting.  I hope that you will join us in writing this next chapter in Scoot's story.

Let's ride!
April Whitney
for the Scoot! Team

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where's My $!@* Issue?...Answers!

Sorry for the lack of communication about Scoot!. We've been in the midst of a website re-design, a club launch and a round of -all-hands-on-deck collection calls to get enough money to get the February issue (#60) out of the printer's warehouse.

The February issue has finally shipped. Depending upon the USPS, the issue should be to subscribers within the next three weeks. If you do not receive your issue within that time, use our website CONTACT form and select Membership/Order Inquiry to send us a message with your complete name & address so we can check the account and/or send a new issue out.

The delay in getting the issue out is due to one thing: money. We have several advertisers who have either gone out of business, or their business is so depleated that they aren't paying invoices. This has left us in the lurch with tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices. Without the funds to pay for the February issue, it sat in the printer's warehouse since early February.

We finally collected on enough invoices to pay for the magazine and its shipping.

What you'll find in the February issue #60:
  • Review: KYMCO Downtown 300i
  • National Scooter Racing Preview
  • Fun with Dynamometers Pt. 2
  • The Yak Hack: Kayak Sidehack
  • A Guide to Successful Rally Sponsorships
  • Reader's Rides: Tracy's Triumph Tigress, Tony G's Maico Mobil
  • Product Reviews...and a bunch more

Shortly, I will be sending out an update as to the status of the magazine for the rest of 2011.
Happy scooting,

Friday, April 08, 2011

Cool Event: Classico Moto Itallia- San Jose- 4/29-5/1

I used to be a member of Vespa Club Los Gatos, before I became involved with Scoot! and thought club membership would be a conflict of interest.  I looked forward to this event each year.  For 2011 the club is starting something new,  a Giro, which sounds like a heap of fun

Classico Moto Italia Schedule Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1, 2011
- Details subject to change -
Friday, April 29:
7:00pm - Meet and Greet
Hyde Park Cocktail Lounge
1070 North 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95112

We meet-up at our favorite dive-bar in North San Jose, Hyde Park Lounge,
for drinks and smack talk about everyone who isn't there and who is riding what.
We start our tomfoolery at 7pm.

Saturday, April 30:
8:00am - Breakfast
Rose Donuts & Cafe
1818 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95070

Get ready to ride bright and early (don't forget your sunglasses).
Rose Donuts & Cafe has KILLER breakfast burritos, so get there before the line goes out the door. 

9:30am - Group Ride-out
Kinda. Sorta. Scooter Time, y'know?
For everyone who won't be competing in the Giro,
we'll lead you on a fun ride through some of our favorite backroads.
Be sure to gas up before hand, you'll want to have a full tank!

Destination is HQ for the "Giro in Vespa": Stevens Creek County Park
Stevens Canyon Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

10:00am - Giro in Vespa
The Giro in Vespa is a time trial competition, where riders are required
to complete a road course in as close as possible to a prescribed time,
with penalties given based on the number of minutes that a rider is faster or slower than that time.
Riders who wish to compete in the Giro will need to register in advance; full details available at classicomotoitalia.com.

The Giro will consist of two classes: Vintage Class (of 25 years or older); and Modern Class (24 years and newer).
Vespa, Lambretta, Italjet, Aprilia, Heinkel or whatever else! Two-wheels are two wheels, so bring it.

Got a moto you wanna run? You can - you just won't get points for competition.

The laps will be approximately 50miles in length and based on a Giro d'California rules:
Get there in a certain time or get dinged with points (if you arrive early or late).
The rider with the least amount of points wins. Forget cheating on the route - we'll know if you did or not. 

12:00pm - Barbecue Stevens Creek Park
Stevens Canyon Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014

Lunch will be served at the park, after the first Giro circuit has been completed.
The second half will commence after everyone has eaten and participants are ready to get back in the saddle.
Those of us not running the Giro will be partaking in other activities at the park (possibly including a slow race).

7:00pm - Saturday Evening Entertainment
Activities have yet to be determined, so keep close for details. 

Sunday, May 1:
10:00am - Breakfast
Diner of Los Gatos

235 Los Gatos-Saratoga Road
Los Gatos, CA 95030

We'll start late on Sunday morning, at the Los Gatos Diner,
in the grand tradition of South Bay rally morning rides.
Fill-up on the grease and caffeine you'll need for a 3-hour ride.

12:00 - Long Ride
So you're saddle sore and exhausted from yesterday's riding? Whatever!
The point of the point is - we are the active riding club and ride, saddle sore or not.
For those die-hards who are still up for more riding, we'll be leading a long ride
through some of the best roads that the area has to offer.
Our secret destination awaits our arrival, for one last cheer and farewells
for a well spent and active riding weekend.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Magnetic Poetry Scooter

Spotted at Politics & Prose in Washington D.C. area. 

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