Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vespas make cameo in Adidas Commercial

Man, would I have loved to go to that party! Checkout the scooters in the beginning. And, don't you just love the Song, "Beggin'"? It's one of my all-time faves! Brilliant commercial.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Chrome Ruckus

Seen at Battlescooter in Sunnyvale,Ca.

M&M Scooter ornament

Remember those commercials with the Green M&M acting all sexy & reducing the boy M&Ms to puddles? Well, here's another reason why Green M&M is so appealing.

Thanks to Norbert for alerting me to this fun ornament which you can get on the M&M site for $10.

Her flirty riding style, sexy boots and saucy scarf make this a great gift ornament. If only I looked so smashing when I rode! Love her custom pink Vespa. Blue M&M seems to be having fun on his motorcycle, but isn't nearly as stylish as Green. ;)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cost Plus Scooter Ornaments

Cost Plus World Market has a blown glass scooter ornament in blue or red. $14.99. They appear to be ET4s.

I heard a rumor that this weekend there would be a 2 for 1 ornament sale.

Miss Vespa USA? Discuss...

When the brainstorm came for Amerivespa 2009, I had a few suggestions including starting a Miss Vespa USA contest. When I suggested it, lots of people laughed thinking I was making a joke, but I was totally serious. I wasn't saying that we needed some beauty pageant with a bathing suit and talent competition. I was thinking that it could be a way to highlight women in scootering and to recognize women who were great examples of people who scoot and what scootering can do for someone.

I envisioned a component where the contestants could submit an essay about what role scootering plays in their respective lives. Have they met new friends? Has scooter club membership brought out new leadership capabilities that they never exercised? Has the freedom of scootering affected their parts of their lives?

Since this is really AmeriVespa, I figure that perhaps there should be some Vespa trivia.

But other than that I am a bit stumped. I don't want it to be a hard, exclusionary thing. But, I also want it to be meaningful and inspirational. So after much mulling over, I thought that I would put it to the readers for suggestions.

What components would you like to see added to the contest to make is relevant and inspirational to other women riders? Feel free to leave a comment under this entry.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Target Online: Bamboo Bay Scooter items

You can get these scooter items via Target's website only. If you go to the site search under "Bamboo Bay." Bath rug is $24.99. Tumbler is $6.99. Order yours now while they are on sale!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Shopping: Target

Looking for some cool scooter items for the kids? Target has lots of affordable items:

Our Generation Doll Scooter sells for $26.99 and comes in lilac or a peach color and fits the Our Generation 18" dolls. Probably will fit other dolls like Elmo or Cabbage Patch dolls (do they make those anymore?).

Pink and Green Motor Scooter Framed Art by Miriam Bedia is a little spendy at $89.99, but this 14x14" print may be the thing for you or a friend.

The wee ones may enjoy the Big Bobby Scooter which is for ages 1 yr. and up and sells for $74.99. Thick rugged plastic stand up to a toddler's abuse and drool. Measures 15Hx14Wx23D".

While it isn't 100% scooter, The CarePlay Squirrel is a more affordable scooter-style ride-on toy at $44.99. It is rated for ages 1-3 and can hold an amazing 200lbs. That's one big baby!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friends & Family: Chronicle Books 35% off

Another installment in the Friends & Family category:

Chronicle Books is offering 35% off + free shipping until Dec. 5th. They produce books and gift products. For scooter lovers, they have the Miso Pretty line of stationery including a journal, stationery sets, and notecards. To get the deal, enter FRIENDS at checkout. They also carry Paul Frank items!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friends & Family: NapaStyle 25% off

Now's time for the ubiquitous Friends and Family Discount sales! And with this economy, I say we all could use some help for the holidays.

First up is NapaStyle which I blogged about earlier this month. In-store they carry some Vespa items such as the headlight clock, and pen set. They do not have the items online. So, if you are in NorCal and want to score some Vespa lifestyle merch at 25% off, print out the email and take it with you to the store December 1st-3rd.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andrea Bocelli Represents

Jeff Kassel tipped me off to this CD from Andrea Bocelli which has a Vespa on the cover. Jeff throws down a challenge for blog readers to guess the model on the cover. Anyone want to venture a guess? How about year & model#? GS? VBA?

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Splenda Contest: Vespa LX50 Prize

Splenda is running a spy-themed contest ala Get Smart, called Operation Get Sweet.

How To Enter: Visit ("Site") during the Game Period and create an account by providing all required registration information. To find out if you are an instant winner, follow the instructions provided to log in and enter the 6- or 10-digit UPC (Universal Product Code) from a product featuring the 'Sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand' logo. You may enter up to three UPCs per day. If you have won an instant win prize, you will be notified on-screen as to the prize you have won and when you will automatically receive your prize or affidavit package, depending on prize level. You may play the Game three (3) times each day during the Game Period. For purposes of this Game, a "day" begins at 12:00:00 a.m. ET and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vespa USA website relaunch...finally!

VespaUSA has launched a new website which offers more community and fan features such as a screensaver (which won't work on my Mac!) wallpapers, a community section, Vespa history, options for connecting with other Vespa fans and more.
One of my fave sections is their history area where you can explore a timeline and use images from it as walllpapers on your desktop. My choice for now is the 1960 VBA.
Check it out at VespaUSA.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Jimmy's Quadrophenia Lammy for sale

Josh found this post on the uber-cool blog Retro To Go about the bike used as Jimmy's bike in the Who's film Quadrophenia.

A piece of movie history is going through Bonham's auction room later this month - the scooter rode by Jimmy Cooper in the cult mod flick Quadrophenia, complete with its original KRU 251F number plate.

It's a Lambretta Li 150 Series 3 scooter, originally dating from 1967 and being sold by current owners Allstyles in Portsmouth. The bike is on its third owner since the movie finished, but has been overhauled to a high standard fairly recently - although this does mean some of the original parts have been replaced by modern spares. Its recent used has been mainly confined to shows and press events of late - a possible money spinner should you want to invest in it.

And it might need to earn its keep, with a hefty estimate being quoted by Bonham's, between £20,000 and £25,000. Check over the page for a picture of the bike in the movie or check out the Bonham's site for more on the bike. The auction is being hosted at the Knightsbridge branch on 25th November 2008.

Place your bid now...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adam & Eve Sweepstakes: Win a Vespa

"Adult" product retailer Adam & Eve have announced a "$25,000 Holiday Sextravaganza Sweepstakes" in which one of the prizes is a Vespa LX50.

Prizes include a dream vacation to a destination of the winner's choice, $1,000 cash, $300 shopping sprees at, a Vespa scooter, a Nintendo Wii, dinner and a movie, and a date with Adam & Eve exclusive contract star Bree Olson at the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo (plus tickets to the 2009 AVN Awards Show!).

Amongst the various prizes during Week 4 (November 30-December 6) someone will win a Vespa LX50.

There's no purchase necessary to enter, but customers are entered automatically with every order (limit one entry per day). Visit for more information. [FYI- sexual products]

If you ride an old, rattly 2-stroke scooter, you may understand why I chuckled at the appropriateness of the prize!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Rise Against Scoots on Tour

Rolling Stone published an update on the band Rise Against and mentioned that they took scooters on their tour.
After midnight, the band boards the bus for a late-night trip to Philadelphia to play two nights at Electric Factory. "It's such a cool club," [Tim]McIlrath says. "The best shows happen in seedy neighborhoods built out of old warehouses." For this tour, they brought a fleet of scooters, which they use to track down some pre-show vegan cheese steaks. "Now, instead of being cooped up in a venue all day, we can just cruise around town," says McIlrath. "It keeps us sane."

You may recall that we have published articles on musician scooterists in the past. Poison's Rikki Rockett would tuck his Vespa smallframe in his tour bus' understorage and ride all over town during his stops. Audio Adrenaline did a co-tour with Mercy Me and both bands took Honda Ruckuses (plural?) on tour and had a blast tearing it up.

Rise Against is on tour and will do some last US dates, onto Canada and them to Austria and Germany. Assuming they are on 4-strokes (my money is on the Ruckus...) they should hook up with some of the German tuners or SIP. That will blow their minds!

Rickki Rockett cover

Vespa Items at Napastyle stores

Celeb chef Michael Chiarello has his own catalog and retail store called Napastyle. I walked through his store this weekend and saw that it carries some Vespa items such as the fenderlight clock, pen set, notebooks and even a two wallhangings. I didn't have my iPhone with me, so I couldn't take pictures. I checked the store's website & didn't find them there either. So, if you live near one of his few California stores stop by and check them out.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Got it!: The Lammy ornament from Sur la Table

I previously posted about this new Lambretta scooter ornament from Sur la Table. Today, I went to one of their retail locations and bought one. $24 is steep. Perhaps it may go on sale after Christmas, but I didn't want to chance it.

It's a nice quality ornament. A couple things to look out for if you plan to buy one:
1) It is made of 2 separate pieces that are glued together, so look for one with minimal bond marks.
2) The retail locations have them in a bin, so examine the one you purchase to make sure it isn't scratched, chipped or faded. The earlier you go in the more you'll have to choose from.

All in all, it is a nice ornament and a rarity as it is a Lammy versus a Vespa.

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Scooter Collector Alert: Movie Posters

Recently I was doing some work on a new book of movie poster art called, "Art of the Modern Movie Poster" which collects 1,500 post-WWII film posters from 15 different countries/regions. It is a gorgeous book and a great gift for film buffs and collectors. The posters come from the collection of Posteritati, a shop in New York City. I spoke with the shop' owner and asked (of course) if he had any film posters with scooter on them. Coincidentally, he said that their website has a search tool where you can look up by subject and "vespas and scooters" is one of them. Tuns out that they have a few on sale there and I just had to buy one for my boyfriend for x-mas. Don't tell him. He won't find out here because he never reads my blog :( so for now it works.

If you are looking for a cool gift or just want to further add to your scooter items collection, check out Posteritati and bookmark it for future searches.

BTW- the book has a cool Quadrophenia poster that I'd love to get my hands on!

Here's the Ferry Across the Mercy poster that I bought. Apparently, in Argentina they prefer All are Well or Everything is Great:

Friday, November 07, 2008

New Scooter Book: Enrico's Vespa

When I interviewed Robin Davy, author of "Vespa Forever", he mentioned that he was working on a scooter book for kids which would be illustrated by Elena Pongiglione who was an illustrator for Piaggio from 1956-1964. The book is finally available from SIP in Germany for 23 Euros.

According to the description that Ralf at SIP sent me,
Professor Elena Pongiglione designed all the advertisements for Piaggio between 1956 and 1964. What is especially remarkable is that she was only 22 years old when she received her first commission in 1956. The young artist came to the attention of Piaggio after winning several of Italy´s most prestigious art awards (such as the “Diomira”, Milan, 1955 – 1956). In the fifties Elena Pongiglione´s appointment as chief graphic artist was a sensation: not only was she young, but also a woman! For some of the “weathered” males within Piaggio´s advertisement department this was an unacceptable situation – so afterwards her signature simply “disappeared” from some of her artwork!
In 1969 she published the book “La Vespa nel Cinema”, together with her husband, the renowned Italian Journalist Dr. Claudio G. Fava.
We are greatly honoured that Elena Pongiglione has drawed Enrico’s Vespa. Our book also gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to her outstanding designs. To this day there is no graphic artist that has created more for Piaggio. Elena Pongiglione has received numerous international art awards, her work has been exhibited all over the world.

I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but look forward to adding it to my collection!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Upcoming Event: Tucson-Nogales Rally 11/7 - 11/9

I have never been to the Tucson-Nogales ride, but past Scoot! owners Barry & Casey went and had nothing but great things to say about this event. It's a long ride through beautiful country which ends at a big BBQ & campout. This is the 21st year, so I guess people can now have beer at the campout, eh?

From the site:
Saturday morning, the rally departs from the Hotel Congress for a 125-mile ride through the beautiful scenic landscape of southwestern Arizona. We will have a mid-way stop in the rustic town of Patagonia, Arizona for gas, drinks and to stretch our legs. From Patagonia, we will continue on through Nogales, Arizona to the Calabassas Group Campsite a 5-acre, isolated, and reserved campsite in the Coronado National Forest.

At the Calabasas campsite, we will be greeted by a catered BBQ, multiple kegs of beer, music and a bonfire. Several campsites, firepits, firewood and a restroom are available. It can get cold at the campsite, so don't forget tents, sleeping bags and other camping gear.

If you can make it, pour a beer for me who will be working away on the next issue from my home...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rain, winter weather can be dangerous to scooters

This past weekend a scooterist in my area lost his life in a crash. Recent rain on a slick mountain road was to blame. Safety in riding is one of my main concerns when gong out in less-than-ideal weather. Often, I just skip riding if it is raining. I'm a notorious slowpoke, so you don't have to tell me twice to slow down. I've got nothing to prove; I just want to have fun getting to my destination.
Each year, Josh sends out a list of rainy weather riding tips. I'll reprint them here with some notes of my own.

Stay safe out there fellow scooterists!

1: Stay out of the middle of the lane as it is where cars drip oil and fluids making it very slippery.Very important during the first few rains.

2: As much fun as it is, try not to drive through puddles. It reduces your ability to brake and makes everything more slippery. Besides you never know how deep a hole may be under the puddle

3: Show extra caution when turning

4: Be extremely careful when riding over metal grates/plates and manhole covers they become very slippery. if you can avoid them, do so. Whatever you do don't slam on the brakes while you are going over one. Also avoid leaves as they can be slick and plentiful during fall/winter.

5: Make sure you have the proper tire pressure

6: Get a riding suit even if its one of those plastic rain slick things. The worst part about riding in the rain is getting wet.

7: Do not put your hands/gloves in plastic bags or the like as you will compromise your grip and may slip off of the bars.

8: Make sure all of your lights work, especially your taillight and brake light. Rain reduces visibility.

9: A fullface helmet will keep you dry and keep rain and road gunk from getting on your face or in your eyes.

10: An anti-fog liner in side your visor will keep your visor clear. You can also get antifog solution for eyeglasses.

11. A scooter skirt will keep your pants dry and your lower body warmer.