Monday, November 30, 2009

Sims 3 Expansion Includes Scooters

A few weeks ago, EA released The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack. I was so wrapped up in getting the last issue out that I completely forgot to order my copy! I placed my order this morning as soon as I realized my oversight. When I get back from my trip to Taiwan, I expect to spend a good amount of time tucked away in my room playing, especially since this expansion has scooters in it. See the screenshot below. From what I understand, the scooters are available when you go to France (why are scooters always associated with France?) and the Sims can use them autonomously. I can't wait to get my copy in the mail!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

College Creating More Scooter Parking Due to Demand

The University of Maryland's Department of Transportation will be creating more scooter parking spaces due to high demand according to an article in the student newspaper, The Diamondback. Scooters are an affordable way for students to get around, and their small parking footprint makes them ideal for overcrowded school parking lots.

Starbucks Gift Packs

Starbucks is selling boxed mini coffee packs. This one is $13 and has the Italian Roast Lambretta pack among others. Cute! Wish they sold them individually. I have seen a smaller package with less coffees that still has the Italian Roast package.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Holiday Gifts for Scooterists: ETSY

If you want a unique and handmade gift for your scooterist pal but can't make one yourself, check out where independent craftspeople can sell their own creations. Etsy has lots of cool scooter items. here are some of my faves:

This greeting card has a button for the face which your recipient can wear or just leave as-is. The buyer can choose from different head pins.  $4.50

A fun key chain or a fob to add to your bag to make it standout. Measures about 3.5" wide and 2.4" tall and stuffed for a 3D effect. $14.50

I covered Circa Ceramics in a past Scooter Collector column. Their mini tea cup is cute.  $18.

 A small print that you can nab for just $2.50. Custom ink/paper selection.

 There are lots more scooter-inspired items on Check it out!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Easy gift for scooterists...Scoot! Magazine

A reminder about our holiday gift subscription special:

Perhaps you can't afford to buy your friend a perfectly restored TV175, but can you afford a magazine subscription? You can now if you take advantage of our limited time holiday subscription offer. For just $34.95 you can get:

  • A six-issue subscription for yourself
  • A six-issue subscription for a friend
Two subscriptions would normally cost you $49.90, but now get the gift subscription for half off! Get more info and Order by December 15th, 2009 here.

If you just want to buy a gift subscription you can do it here. Just indicate your info on the billing section and enter the recipient's address/info in the SHIPPING section.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Motorsport Scooters Clearance Sale

Looking for a Buddy top box? An Aprilia Atlantic 500 exhaust? How about Faco "Robot Mirrors"? Well, you are in luck because Motorsport Scooters has some tasty deals on their clearance page. Maybe you won't need any of the items, bt if you do count your lucky stars for these prices.

Scoot! Magazine #52 Shipping Next Week

Scooter shops should get the magazine by Dec.11. Subscribers should have theirs by Christmas as long as the post office isn't buried under gifts.
In this issue:
  • The Ninja Rabbit: totally cool custom!
  • Project Ruckus Begins
  • Review: The California Scooter Company's "Classic"; KYMCO Yager
  • Scooter Collector: tons of gift ideas
  • Terri Campbell's cross-country journey
  • Four Readers Rides
  • Rally Reports
  • A slew of Product Revews
  • and more!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karl Lagerfeld Scooter Helmets

I once got the hard-sell from a helmet manufacturer who told me that it was important that the vents and ornamentation on the outside of a helmet easily be removed, so that when in a crash, the pieces would fly off rather than create a bump that the helmet could catch on. So when I saw this helmet from Karl Lagerfeld I wondered what the "slidability" was on that thing. Nevermind that it is hideous. I think it might also be dangerous. Oh, and dangerous to your wallet: "Find them at Colette in Paris, of course, and at other specialty retailers, for just $1,805 to $6,837." According to New York Magazine. Thanks to Nancy for sharing!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Save on Personalized Stationery

I'm a fan of the sister-run RockScissorPaper. They used to sell several scooter-themed stationery items, but I think the last of the line is their personalized stationery. I own two boxes and use them for special correspondence with folks who would appreciate the cool retro style and the cute Vespa.

For a limited time you can get this stationery (and many other themes) for 20% off. Follow this link to see all of the possible sets. But do it quickly as this sales only lasts through Thursday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Attention Scooter Artists!

Our most recent Scooter Art issue...

I'm gathering submissions and information for our next Scooter Art issue. If you haven't seen it before, we invite artists to submit examples of artwork that uses scooters as an inspiration, or as a theme in the art. Artists that have given actual scooters an artistic treatment (such as a mural, or creating an "Art Scooter" are also invited to participate). Along with the art, we run brief artists bios and info on how to contact them. We hope that it connects artists with art buying scooterists and that it supports the scooter artists in the world.

If you are an artist that uses scooters as inspiration or if you know such an artist, let us know. Email me via the Scoot! site and select Interested in Contributing.

Lucky me!

New single from GoGo13. Thanks to Parker for sending!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cute Scooter Illustration

I remember seeing the flyer that bore these illustrations when I volunteered stuffing Scoot! magazines before our team bought the magazine. Follow the link above to visit the Nerfect site and see all of the image. You can also download desktop icons of the characters. Cute!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vespa of Los Angeles Grand Opening This Weekend

Just got an email from Vespa of Los Angeles which is holding its grand opening this weekend, Sunday, November 22 from 1-5pm.
From what I hear local clubs will be in attendance. There will be food, giveaways and attractive sale prices.

Vespa of Los Angeles is located at:
301 S Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel. 213-620-0022
Open 10am-7pm, Closed Tuesdays

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Scooter Toy Run: San Diego, CA

Motorsport Scooters in San Diego, CA is holding a toy run which benefits the San Diego Center for Children. Meet at Motorsport Scooters at 9:30am, ride leaves at 10:30am. 
Motorsport is located at:
4225 30th St.
San Diego,CA 92104-1234

Monday, November 16, 2009

Amerivespa 2010 Website Debuts

This past July the Vespa Club of America announced that the 2010 Amerivespa will be held in San Antonio, Texas. The website for the event went up today. The event runs from May 27-31st and you can see the itinerary as it stands. You can also sign up for a newsletter and become a fan on Facebook.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

EICMA: New Lambretta?

We've heard the "new Lambretta" story a million times, but look at this prototype revealed at Milan's EICMA show. I've had my heart broken several times before, it too late to dream again?
Images from, thanks to Alex for sending the link!

Let the Toy Runs begin!

Some upcoming Holiday Toy Runs:

San Francisco Scooter Girls
Date: Wednesday December 9, 2009
Time: 7-10pm
Meet: The Homestead, 2301 Folsom Street (at 19th) San Francisco, CA
What: Enjoy hot, meaty, delicious firehouse chili prepared by San Francisco Fire Dept, Station 7, and sweets provided by members of the San Francisco Scooter Girls! Bring a new, unwrapped toy & receive a raffle ticket! Weather permitting, we will also lead a leisurely holiday group ride--stay tuned for more details.

The Whichita Twisters had their toy run on Nov 1st. See photos here.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Is your club organizing a toy run?

If so drop me a line with the brief particulars and I'll post them on the blog.
You runs are a fun way to create some wintertime scooting fun while helping a great cause.

You can leave a comment here with the info or drop me a line.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CSC Out- --> Piaggio In

Piaggio announced that they are no longer using Canadian Scooter Corporation as a middleman, and is now going direct to dealers in the Great White North.

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2009 Piaggio & C. S.p.A. (Piaggio Italy), the builder of such leading scooters and motorcycles as Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Derbi, announces that it has terminated its exclusive distribution agreement with Canadian Scooter Corporation (CSC). The company is preparing to launch new business operations in the Canadian market allowing dealers to enjoy a direct relationship with a company of the Piaggio Group. Confirming Piaggio Group's commitment to the Canadian market, Piaggio Italy has called upon Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. (PGA), to develop and support a Canadian dealer network equipped to increase market share and provide the finest product support in the industry.

Read the entire press release here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scoot! Holiday Special

Perhaps you can't afford to buy your friend a perfectly restored TV175, but can you afford a magazine subscription? You can now if you take advantage of our limited time holiday subscription offer. For just $34.95 you can get:
  • A six-issue subscription for your self
  • A six-issue subscription for a friend
Two subscriptions would normally cost you $49.90, but now get the gift subscription for half off! Get more info and Order by December 15th, 2009 here.

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Going to Taiwan...

After Thanksgiving, I am going on a media trip to Taiwan to learn more about the country's motor manufacturing business. Looking forward to presentations by SYM and TGB. Wonder what cool models they may have that us USA scooterists will/will not get to try.
Never been to Taiwan before. Looking forward to it!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

International Motorcycle Shows

The Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows are making their way around the country. Last year, Scoot! had a booth at the San Mateo stop, but we won't this year. Josh and I will be walking the floor, meeting with manufacturers and checking out the new products that are available.  The dates & locations are:
  • November 13-15, 2009 Dallas Convention Center Dallas, TX
  • November 20-22, 2009 San Mateo County Event Center San Mateo, CA
  • December 4-6, 2009 Long Beach Convention Center Long Beach, CA
  • December 11-13, 2009 Qwest Field & Event Center Seattle, WA
  • January 1-3, 2010 Rock Financial Showplace Novi, MI
  • January 8-10, 2010 Carolina First Center Greenville, SC
  • January 15-17, 2010 Washington Convention Center Washington D.C.
  • January 22-24, 2010 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY
  • January 29-31, 2010 I-X Center Cleveland, OH
  • February 5-7, 2010 Minneapolis Convention Center Minneapolis, MN
  • February 19-21, 2010 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Chicago, IL
The show is also offering builders and owners of custom bikes to display their best at the show:

If you have a custom cruiser or custom sportbike and want an opportunity to display it in front of tens of thousands of attendees, e-mail your name, contact information, and photos to Kurt Whittington at Put 'Custom Showcase' in the subject line. After we review your information you'll be contacted with additional information and instructions on how to participate in this exciting opportunity.
Would  be great to see some awesome custom scooters there!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"New Moon" star now a scooterist

MTV News asked New Moon actor Kellan Lutz about his new scooter purchase:
Q: Have you bought anything exciting yet with your "Twilight" earnings?
Lutz: Yes, I bought a scooter! It was amazing. I had no idea, but there are pictures [out there of me on it]; someone was taking pictures. I bought this way downtown, and I didn't see this paparazzi guy — I don't even know how they do what they do. It's so random, but there are dead-on pictures, where I should have been scooting up to them and seen them do it. ... But I love the scooter. I get, like, 100 gallons per mile on it, and it costs five bucks to fill the tank! So that's like a gallon-and-a half, and I go 150 miles. With my car, it's like 15 to 16 miles, so I take that anywhere and everywhere. I live in the Valley, so I can take that anywhere and everywhere [in Los Angeles], and it's fun zipping in and out [of traffic]. It's cool.

photo from JustJaredJr. 

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Scooter Ornaments

Next on the holiday gift post thread...
One may say that posting about scooter ornaments on Nov. 3rd is a bit premature, but when you are bitten by the scooter bug, it is never too early to start. Besides, you want to get them before anyone else does!

Not sure if we can trust Walmart on this, as the photo is errible, but they are advertsing a Hand-blown Duck on Scooter Glass Ornament for $10.It looks as if there are pedals on that front wheel. If anyone finds this in the stores, let me know.Walmart also sells the repro elephant on a scooter for $48.

This Santa on a Scooter is cute, but is he $63 cute? According to the Table & website:
...these intricate handcrafted collectibles are mouth blown, hand painted and decorated by highly skilled artisans. Each glittering ornament features a small coat of arms charm identifying it as a Reed & Barton original, and is presented in an elegant keepsake gift box. Inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas. Comes with special imprinted gold hanging ribbon. Decorated with authentic Swarovski stones.

You can also buy it for $70 at William Glen.Too rich for my blood, indeed!

Scooterworks still has stock of the Hallmark Santa on a Vespa. This is one awesome item that I highly recommend that collectors get. It is a great recreation of a scooter. The headlight lights, Santa waves, and it plays "Here Comes Santa Claus" if you pull on the present in back. If you missed it the first time, get it now for $24.95.

While it may not be an ornament, you could make one out of the Genuine Buddy model that Scooterworks sells. The 1:12 scale models have a real spring for the rear suspension, vinyl seating, and real rubber tires. Only $14.99 and in a range of colors.

Chistopher Radko makes collectible glass ornaments. This "Roaming Holiday" has Santa on a nicely detailed blue scooter. It retails for $50. Pricey, too but I am considering it. You must purchase through a retailer which you can find my visiting the site.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mark Ronson rides Vespa GL

I really dig Mark Ronson's music and now I only like him more after discovering he has a Vespa GL. I am a fan of that trapezoid headset! The above photo of him and his sister Samantha is from Celebrity

Old Scooter Bits

Came across this Flikr collection of old scooter accessories. Many are quite desirable. Fun to browse through. Harby Harby's "Old Scooter Bits."