Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twist & Gone this weekend: Nashville, IN

Did I ever mention that I find slow races boring? Tolerable if it is done in one winner-take-all heat, but repeated heats of people riding slow, especially on modern scooters, is boring. I've been to rallies where everyone sat around and cheered or an hour while people rode in a slow line over, and over, and over. Yawn! I was plugging for mini drag races for Amerivespa 2009, but no one was buying it. Sure, drags can be dangerous, but they should only be attempted by people who are properly attired, have scooter skills (real skills) and do it in a controlled environment.

So I was thrilled to hear that some Indianapolis-area scooterists were arranging their own drag races called Twist & Gone. These races take place this weekend on May 1st at the Brown County Dragway in Nashvlle, Indiana. 
Scoot! is a sponsor of the rally. Unfortunately, we can't attend. Josh is currently in Korea for a wedding and I am trying to close out the current issue. I am eager to hear how it goes.

Read an article on it in the Brown County Democrat.

Here are the categories:

Class 1
4 Stroke Scooters
1a. 72cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 72cc, no power adders.
1b. 100cc Unlimited. Displacement must not be more than 100cc.
1c. 170cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 170cc, no power adders.
1d. 235 Unlimited. Displacement must not be more than 235cc.
1e. 250cc + Unlimited Maxiscooter.
Class 2
2 Stroke Scooters
2a. 99cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 99cc, no power adders.
2b. 100cc + Pro. Displacement of 100cc or more, no power adders.
2c. 2 Stroke Unlimited, scooters only.
Class 3
3a. Unlimited Sprinter. 2 or 4 stroke scooter engines only please.
Class 4
Exhibition (Free with paid registration)
4a. King of the Hill. Any scooter that can pass tech can enter. All race entries get free admission to this class. If you plan on running Class 4 only the registration fee still applies.
The winner of this class gets the BIG trophy!

The event is sponsored by NASRA the North American Scooter Racing Association. If you are in the Midwest & want to race, check them out.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Reason to Stay Home this Weekend

I remember when scooter rallies were few and far in between. Scooterists would be lucky if there were one or two rallies each year within trucking distance. Now that there are so many scooterists the US, and many more rallies, there is hardly an excuse to stay home on the weekend (unless you are working on your scoot!)

This weekend is one of those jam-packed scootering weekends. Here are some events that you may consider:

Classico Moto Italia
San Jose, CA
Vespa Club Los Gatos puts on their famous scooter rally. What is this # 17? Who knows, but if you remember the first one, you are old.  This is a typical rally in the old style. Expect an award showwith choice bikes and a long ride on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Vintage Scooter Club City Rally 10
Pittsburgh, PA

The club's 10th anniversary rally; pulling out all the stops. Saturday night has a gig with ska band The Pietasters.

May Day 2010
Eugene, OR

Oregon clubs really know how to put on a shindig. Top Dead Center is no exception. Their May Day rally is all the typical things you would expect from a rally, but like you would have done it when you were in your 20's and weren't worried about getting up for work on Monday, the corns on your feet and an upside-down mortgage---ya know, fun!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scooters in New Film "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Just saw the new street art documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop which was an interesting and funny film about the world of street art, more specifically about the way that street art can be co-opted by society and transformed by money. There are a few shots of street artists using scooters to transport themselves in France and England. One shot even has the infamous and blurred-face Banksy holding a helmet. Perhaps he's a scooterist?
Here's a preview:

Friday, April 23, 2010

GoGo Girls Fashion Show

Arriving at First Kick/ SF Moto for fashion show.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

More Scootouring photos

Forgot to add these... Checkout the custom dog tags they made for the event!

Snapshots from Scootouring

Just a few pictures that I took at Scootouring. What a blast! Read more about it in the next issue of Scoot!.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Got nothing to do on 4/17...Why not make history?

From our friends at Scooter Therapy:

When: Saturday, April 17th, 2010
When: 1-2pm
Scooter Therapy. 12 N. Few Street, Madison

We are organizing an event to get into the Guinness Book of World Records! The current record for longest parade of mopeds is 674 riders. UW Madison can easily beat this number as we have the highest mopeds per capita in the world! We are going to blow them away in magnitude and length (two aspects). We plan to start at Scooter Therapy, Inc, 12 N Few Street. After everyone gets a number to pin on their shirt back, we proceed East on East Johnson Street to First, right on First to East Washington. There we pull into the Fiore Shopping Center parking lot, regroup, then proceed West on East Washington towards the Capitol for the filming. After passing the film people, we will head back to Scooter Therapy for the bike show results, and hopefully give away a new Genuine Roughhouse moped to a lucky participant. Our sponsors will be at the event along with media coverage and approval from Guinness Book of World Records.

Randy Knudson of Scooter Therapy has confirmed that if the UW Madison students break the world record, there will be a raffle for a FREE NEW MOPED from Scooter Therapy. You have take part in the record breaking ride in order to be eligible for the raffle.

Invite EVERYBODY you know to this event and make it HUGE!

Costumes and decorations are encouraged.
If you need any information please feel free to call (800) 411-1543 from 9-6 m-f and 10-3 on Saturday.
We would like to get started numbering and such early, so there is no big rush toward start time. This is a first time attempt for us to try this, and we do not really know what kind of turnout will happen. But rain or shine it goes on. There will be eight classes for the People's Choice Bike Awards. Eight Trophies, Best of Show, most miles Traveled, Duct Tape and Zip Tie special, Most Radical, And more. Lots of giveaway items.

Scooter Therapy Inc. and the Genuine Scooter Company hope you can attend and have a great time helping us secure the World Record!
Check it out on Facebook

Monday, April 12, 2010

Where will Scoot! be next weekend? SCOOTOURING

Fingers are crossed that next weekend is blue skies and warm temperatures, for I just got out my camping gear for the Burgundy Topz' Scootouring camping rally.

 The Topz are one club that knows how to do it right and if you are in the Sacramento area (or within driving distance like we are) then get thee to the rally! I'm so excited, I just bought a new hat for the occasion!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


From what I have heard this year's WKRP was not to be missed. Did I hear chatter of 400 scooters in attendance? The local news did a spot on the rally which you can see below. Scoot! pal Bob Hollis was even given some screen time.

Ugly glass scooters

Seen in a shop window in San Francisco. Probably expensive, but luckily I am not that addicted to scooter collectables.

There should be a discount for the lammy with the bent legshields & headset.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Brainwash your daughters

Either you try to turn her into a scooterist, or you turn her into a Barbie fan... this tote bag does both.

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Wine shop scooter sign

Found in San Francisco. Cute!

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Sneak Peek: Issue #56 reviews La Vita

Check out the new La Vita next to a VBB. Review in issue # 56 of Scoot! Magazine.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Fuel-Injected Vespas Announced

Press Release from Piaggio/Vespa USA:

NEW YORK, April 1, 2010 – Italian manufacturer Piaggio, recognized for ground-breaking technology and legendary style, has equipped its 2011 Vespa S 150, LX 150 and LXV 150 models with new 150cc electronic fuel-injected engines that are even more miserly at the gas pump than the previous generation.  Consuming 15 percent less fuel than its predecessor, the new powerplant wrings up to 85 miles out of each gallon of gas, all the while delivering an endless supply of fun and riding thrills.  In addition, the new engine design also provides stronger, smoother acceleration in stop-and-go traffic, an especially important performance trait for metro commuters.

Green Isn’t a Trend – It’s a Commitment
While fuel price peaks and valleys have introduced thousands of consumers to the benefits of scooter ownership, choosing to swap some driving miles for riding miles isn’t just a trend when gas costs spike.  For environmentally conscious consumers, it’s a lifelong commitment.  The addition of the new 150cc injected engine family within the popular mid-range category adds even more reasons for consumers devoted to reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and congestion to make the switch to two wheels.

The electronic fuel injection system on the new 150cc injected engine ensures the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber is optimized at all times and allows the single cylinder unit to pick up more smoothly and progressively from lower engine speeds.  As a result, riders enjoy strong and smooth power delivery, especially in the relentless stop-start conditions of urban riding.  The benefits of the new engines can also be appreciated on longer journeys where extended stretches of roadway come into play.  And, owners who want a fast getaway will notice improved cold-starts, thanks to fuel injection.

Strong, clean and well-mannered at any speed, the 150cc i.e. equipped Vespa models are capable of zooming up to 60 mph. The unique, steel unibody Vespa frame provides greater rigidity and a more stable ride, while the superior trailing link suspension is designed to better handle potholes and other hazardous conditions. The front-disc braking system allows riders to safely make sudden stops on a dime, which is great for cities where traffic rules the road.

 “Vespas are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to contribute toward a cleaner, greener transportation landscape, and our new fuel-injected 150cc engine range makes it even simpler,” said Paolo Timoni, CEO of Piaggio USA. “Mid-scooters like the Vespa S 150 i.e., LX 150 i.e. and LXV 150 i.e. are tailor-made for confident urban commuting, and a 15 percent increase in fuel-efficiency is yet another great reason to add a scooter  to your garage this Spring.”
Vespa has been and continues to be synonymous with fuel-efficiency and performance in North America and Europe. The new 150cc i.e. family upgrades the most popular models into a powerful league of their own, without compromising the long list of premium features.  The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for Vespa 150 i.e. models starts at $4,399 for the 2011 Vespa S 150 i.e. For more information, visit

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Scoot! Issue #55 April 2010 En Route

Dealers should be receiving their copies of Scoot! this week, with bookstores and subscribers not far behind. The new issues features:
  • Project Ruckus: Part 2
  • How to lift a scooter safely
  • Scoot! City: New Orleans
  • Reviews: KYMCO Like 50 & Yamaha Vino Classic 50
  • NASRA Preview
  • Rally Reviews, Reader's Rides, Scooter Collector and more!
If you are a subscriber who does not receive your issue by April 16th, let us know.