Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Italjet Coming Back to the US?

A news report on Indian website statse that ihe Italjet Velocifero is poised for a comback with Kinetic of India at the helm.

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I have heard of several people who bought Italjets and have been unable to get parts because the original Italian company went under. UK scooterists still write into "Scootering" magazine about it.

While the Kinetic scooters aren't much on beauty, what is interesting is that if they make parts for the Italjet bikes that can work on the older bikes, it would really help out all of those Dragster and Velocifero owners out there. Additionally, the Dragster was a popular scooter,so it's rebirth may be welcome to those who love to tune and race.

What I did find funny was the suggestion that they could sell 10,000 Blaze scooters per month. However, the Chairman was quoted as saying that the bikes cost between $500-600, so maybe he is hoping to low-ball the competition. I hope that is for manufacturing, because I'm not too sure I would trust a bike that only cost that little at retail. I'll believe it when I see it.

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Anonymous said...

India is worlds second largest manufacturer of two wheelers, so costs of manufacturing really would be excellent.. its possible that Kinetic can make and sell good quality scooters at unbelievable prices.. italjet designs at indian manufacture prices - this could turn the market on its head. at least has the potential, if executed well... plus the added bonus would be high fuel efficiency of indian engines.