Monday, June 19, 2006

Ride to Work- July 19

If you didn't know it, we're one month away from Ride to Work Day- a great time to take advantage of what two-wheel commuting can mean. I am lucky enough to work about 5 miles from my house, so my 10-15 minute commute is easy on city streets. While some may have a bit farther to go, I encourage all of you riders to do it. Even if you think it might be a stretch, give it a try. It may involve planning out an alternate route to avoid freeways. Maybe it means leaving a little earlier.Think of the gas you'lll save. Remember how fun riding can be, especially when you're leaving all the cars in the dust! To get more info on Ride to Work Day, Check out the Site.

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Keys said...

Okay. So I have to scoot to work on July 19th. SAY IT ISN'T SO!! I want to ride EVERYday. Oops. I already do. A short 5 mile commute every day, but my wife rides her Helix to work everyday...20 miles one way. I'm so proud of her....!!