Monday, April 16, 2007

Vietnamese Scooter Rally

I came accross this news item about a Vietnmese scooter rally happening at the end of the month. The Thanh Nien News says that it is the first such festival in Vietnam. I like their idea of decorating the scooters in flowers. What a beautiful parade that would make! I'm sending out my feelers to see if anyone in the area can submit a report. Although I'd love to jet off to Vietnam, I'll have to stay here. :)

Also, it would be great to see what the actual Vietnamese ride. Maybe they keep the good stuff for themselves and send the cobbled ones to other countries.

A news article that might shed some light on that appears on VietNamNet which says that Vietnamese may have to pay up to $600 (gasp!) for a vintage scooter. Maybe all the people that are so desperate for a vintage scooter, that they will ship one from Vietnam should take a trip there and pick out their own $600 scooter and ship it back. What an idea for a tourist service! =patent pending!= Just kidding!

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