Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scooter Christmas Cards

Whenever I'm in the local mall, I stop by Papyrus, a chain stationery store just to see if they have any scooter-themed cards. This past weekend, I found 2 great cards. The first is of a silhouette of a girl on a fenderlight Vespa with packages on the rear rack. It is cute and retro-flavored. The drawback is that it says, "For You, Sister" on the front and "Special wished of holiday joy to my terrific sis." Those of you who have read my blog before probably remember my previous rants about greeting cards where the card company comes up with greeting for us. I'd rather just have a cool graphic and write the greeting myself. This card could go to many people if it were blank, but since I don't have a sister, this will sit in my collectibles box. $2.95

The second card is, fortunately, blank. It has a colorized and glittered scooter on the front and nothing inside. Perfect for you to write your own, heartfelt and personal greeting, like "Merry Christmas, Steve." Just Kidding! The scooter looks as if it were sculpted or maybe made of tin, like a small toy. This is part of Papyrus' fancy-smancy line, so the card is a whopping $4.95. So, maybe that's what makes it hard to decide where to send it. It's not affordable to send a whole stack of them out. Forget the presents!

Papyrus has reently launched their online store,but it doesn't have these cards. Use the site to find the nearest location and grab them while you can.

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