Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vectrix in Sacramento, CA

The city of Sacramento is trying out Vectrix scooters for their Parking and Police departments. The announcement was made this week that four bikes would go through a 3-month trial lease where the city pays $1 per bike and has the option to buy after the period. Vectrix did something similar with the NYPD. I'm not sure if the trial period is over for that city, and if they will buy the scooters afterwards.

I test rode the Vectrix, and think it is a great vehicle for police. It is quiet, so you can sneak up on evildoers, and when they stop for coffee, they can plug it in for a recharge. It is also an unexpected vehicle. Everyone knows the silhouette of a police care and always behaves when they are a round, so the police can probably catch more people in the act (of whatever it is that people do). Finally, the bike is more versatile and nimble than a car or one of those big Harleys.

Hopefully the cities will go forward with the scooters and not just use them for some short-term PR.

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