Friday, September 05, 2008

Misadventures in Buying a Vespa- LAist

I found this interesting piece at LAist, a community website for Los Angeles-area folks. It highlights the usefulness of comparison shopping for scooters. This summer, most scooter were in high demand with not enough supply to fulfill orders. I heard reports of many dealers adding on premium charges, which may be the case here, but I haven't followed up with the shops to see. Many dealers that I work with on a regular basis charge anywhere from $150-$250 for PDI which is the assembly and testing that they do when it arrives.

Even if you are buying a scooter from the only dealership in town, you should still call some other dealers to get prices and see if they compare. Additionally, I agree with the writer's suggestion to only buy from a scooter dealer, which I have said numerous times before.

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