Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cannonball Run Highlights

A bit of a round-up of Cannonball Run news culled from various bloggers on the ride. Links go to thir original posts. 
Mechanical problems!
It can't be a Cannonball Run without endless post-ride maintenance. David Bednarski deals with a disintegrating exhaust.  Starr Markham's Lambretta seized a piston,

Stolen Truck!
 Bill Luinetti's support truck was stolen in Grand Forks, BC, Canada. Bummer. So much for those friendly Canadians! [jk] not only was it his vehicle, and a support truck for him and Starr Markham, it was how his son followed the trip. A sh*tty situation all around. Best of luck recovering the truck!

Jim topples over in tough road conditions.

 David Bednarski


Oz and Aaron's journey on 50cc scoots isn't about speed. GPS tells the test of patience that is a C3 going uphill.


Some great photos from the road. It isn't all bad, tough riding!

 Kickstart Karen

 David Bednarski
 Kickstart Karen

Got some time to read the blogs yourself? Grab a cup of coffee and read on:

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More updates to come!

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