Thursday, November 18, 2010

Motorsport Scooter Moving Sale

Wonder what kind of deals will be had at this sale?

Join us on Saturday December 11th, as we celebrate a move to our new location by having a monumental rummage sale. This one's so big, we've called it our “Estate Sale.”

Compared to our last garage-sale, this one's going to be filled up with even more badassery, including continental breakfast, great sales, free stuff, and even some haggling! We may even get the coffee maker ready for double-drip-duty to get you guys pumped.

On sale we'll have all kinds of hard-to-find and rare goodies, pretty much whatever the mice have been squirrelling away like ferrets under the warehouse shelves over the last decade! There could be all sorts of awesome stuff in there: beer, fingernails, windshields, even random and rare hardware and rubber bits! Who knows?!

We'll know soon enough and so will you when you see it for sale at our EXTREME ESTATE SALE. Come wake us up on: we'll be sleeping on the asphalt at the shop on December 11th, waiting for our friends to arrive and begin estate sale-ing!

Vespa Motorsport is located at 4225 30th St., San Diego,CA 92104-1234

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