Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Holiday Decorating? Don't Forget Your Scoot!

A few weeks ago, Lori & I were on a trip to Target when we discovered a whole new group of battery-operated holiday lights. Sweet!

The local scooterists have been holding an annual holiday lights ride where we all meet on one evening, decorate our scooters with lights and ride around the neighborhoods that have lots of holiday cheer. We have been doing it for over a decade, but in the past few years, Scoot! has hosted the event and started it at a local Starbucks where we treat participants to warm drinks before we shove off.

Lori and I bought various light sets. One is a big single snowflake with a suction cup that should stick nicely to the front of my P200. The smaller lights are LEDs so they should last a long time and not get hot. They are all made by Phillips and were in the $5-9 range. The snowflake came with batteries, but the others did not.

Are you having a holiday lights ride in your area? Perhaps you are coupling it with a toy drive? Leave a comment and share your plans with us all.
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Tim said...

This Saturday is the lighted parade through downtown Nacogdoches. This will be the second year our scooter club participates. It's a hoot!