Sunday, April 17, 2011

Where's My $!@* Issue?...Answers!

Sorry for the lack of communication about Scoot!. We've been in the midst of a website re-design, a club launch and a round of -all-hands-on-deck collection calls to get enough money to get the February issue (#60) out of the printer's warehouse.

The February issue has finally shipped. Depending upon the USPS, the issue should be to subscribers within the next three weeks. If you do not receive your issue within that time, use our website CONTACT form and select Membership/Order Inquiry to send us a message with your complete name & address so we can check the account and/or send a new issue out.

The delay in getting the issue out is due to one thing: money. We have several advertisers who have either gone out of business, or their business is so depleated that they aren't paying invoices. This has left us in the lurch with tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid invoices. Without the funds to pay for the February issue, it sat in the printer's warehouse since early February.

We finally collected on enough invoices to pay for the magazine and its shipping.

What you'll find in the February issue #60:
  • Review: KYMCO Downtown 300i
  • National Scooter Racing Preview
  • Fun with Dynamometers Pt. 2
  • The Yak Hack: Kayak Sidehack
  • A Guide to Successful Rally Sponsorships
  • Reader's Rides: Tracy's Triumph Tigress, Tony G's Maico Mobil
  • Product Reviews...and a bunch more

Shortly, I will be sending out an update as to the status of the magazine for the rest of 2011.
Happy scooting,

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