Sunday, June 10, 2007

Scooter Atitude for Kids

Now, here's a shirt that I wish came in my size! This camo shirt for kids has a big, busy scooter graphic on it of a sassy lady on a Vespa. The shirt has shoulder snaps for easier on/off for the little ones. It is a product of ArmyKid a London children's boutique clothing company. ArmyKid's site has it in sizes from 0-11 years, but I doubt that the snaps come on the larger sizes. :) You can also order it in a long- and short-sleeve version. The ArmyKid website but I also found a les expensive, yet likely more limited variety version at Not on the High Street website. Either way, they are both in the UK and shipping charges may be cost-prohibitive. But, check it out for yourself.

You can also get the shirt in another style, although the photo doesn't make it look comfortable.

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