Monday, May 19, 2008

Spottd on Flikr

I have a Flikr slideshow feed that runs in the top right of this blog. It runs photos that are tagged on Flikr for scooters. It's fun to see what photos come up and the one below struck my fancy.

Looking at it, I can almost smell the two-stroke, hear the ratt-tatt-tatt of the engines and feel the excitement of riding in a big group of scooterists. There have been many times when I was in the midst of a ride and wished I could dig out my camera and take a shot from inside the group so that I could remember what it was like.

This photo:

I took at a rally in San Francisco maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I was trying to get a photo of everyone climbing a hill, something that the city is famous for. Can you imagine a horse pulling a cart up there? But it was hard to pull over at the right time and fumble with my camera. It came out OK but doesn't quite capture my awe.

Got any cool rally photos to submit? Send 'em in. High-res versions may make it into the magazine.


Tim said...

I bet that sounded incredible. Do they have rallies like this in SF often?

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the cool comment on my pic. It was taken at the CleckHuddersFax rideout whch took place yesterday (18th May 2008Huddersfield to Cleckheaton - both places in West Yorkshire UK).

As you can see there was a great turnout and I'm sure much fun was had by all. luckily everyone made it home despite all the clutch abuse trying to get past the bottleneck up that hill!

There's plenty more pics where that came from, do pop by my site for a visit :-)