Monday, December 22, 2008

Show Us Your Scoot: Blog-style!

I occasionally get photos of readers' scooters that are not of high enough resolution for print in the magazine. These usually languish in my email box, so I decided to start posting them on the blog instead. Duh! I've only been doing this for 2 years and I just figured it out? Oh well...

This bike belongs to Mike McGrath who writes:


I wanted to send you a photo of my scooter. After years of riding Harleys and street bikes your magazine has really turned me on to the scooting world. After buying the scooter which was real plain jane, I decided to give it a more aggressive look to fit my tattooed lifestyle. So this is what we came up with. I am going to send a few more pics and with any luck you could publish them and open up the eyes of a different crowd. You can scoot and still have a bad boy image. Thank for your time.

I'm all for custom muraled bikes. I wish the US had more. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

And if you want your bike featured in the print version of Scoot! send digital images that are in either .jpg or .tif format at a minimum of 300dpi.

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