Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Say goodbye to 2008... a list

As 2008 comes to a close, I am reflecting back on the year and want to create a couple of lists. I'll start with the Things I Hope Stay in 2008. A kinda funny list of things that are tired, passe, played-out, and have worn out their welcome. Hope you get a chuckle and feel free to add any comments with suggestions on things you're hoping go away. The "Things I Hope happen in 2009" is to come! :-)

Things I Hope Stay in 2008

1) Scooters with matching helmets.
2) People asking me about my "moped."
3) Motorcyclists that don't "wave" back when I pass
4) Short term memory loss that is directly tied to the gas-pump, i.e. people who will go back to gas-guzzling cars since gas prices have gone down.
5) Fixing responsibility on others rather than accepting one's own culpability
6) Spinner wheels (yes, they neglected to stay in 2006 or 2007)
7) Women's "motorcycle clothing" lines that focus on t-shirts, sweatshirts and bandannas.
8) Short-lived scooter clubs with no purpose or drive (this is probably just a dream!)
9) Closed-mindedness
10) Calling people in cars "cagers."
11) Smugness (see #11)
12) New scooter riders who think scooters are fancy bicycles and don't respect them as powerful machines capable of injury or death.
13) Ill-planned, shoddily constructed, cheap Asian scooter brands (quit spoiling the fun for everyone else!)
14) Typos (I really need to get a good proofreader!)
15) Lack of funds... (who isn't with me on this one???)

Blog entry soundtrack: "We Want the Airwaves" by the Ramones.
"...We want the world and we want it now..."

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