Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Cake Eaters- indie film with scooters

Mary Stuart Masterson's film directorial debut, The Cake Eaters opened in limited release last month and is making its way around the film festival circuit. The film features a character who rides a Vespa ET, although I can't tell if it is a 50 or 150 from the trailer.

While the film is still showing in limited areas, you can order it on DVD from Netflix.

Thanks to Josh for the tip.

UPDATE 4/22: I saw this film this past weekend. Only a small amount of scooter action. An interesting indie film, but the ending was lacking.

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Imiuswi Aborigine said...

There was a very interesting scooter Rally roving through Downtown Los Angeles in Late March. Apparently there is a moped Army here in the US with branches here and there. Hope you enjoy or even post the video... Caught on Video by LAEdge video Snipers.