Monday, June 22, 2009

Progressive Getting Serious About Scooter Biz

Progressive Insurance is making a play for the scooter insurance business by working directly with Genuine Scooters and KYMCO. Progressive has created in-store marketing materials that dealers can share with customers including an FAQ, sample quotes and a dedicated website where consumers can get a quote. Buyers will also be able to call for quotes directly from the dealer showroom.

It's a smart move. Aligning themselves with two of the most popular scooter distributors in the US and making contact where scooterists buy their bikes gives Progressive an edge. Many new scooterists have no idea that they can/should insure their scooters, nor do they know which companies provide scooter insurance.

The Genuine site features "Flo" (Progressive's kooky spokesperson) on a Buddy. While KYMCO keeps it motorcycle-centric with their portal.

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Tim said...

I insured my scoot through Progressive because I am totally in love with Flo.