Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Scooter sidecar dining

Came across this story by John Foley about a scooter food cart in the Examiner:
It was developed in Sonoma, California. Wine country. And the ingenuity that pops out of the cork laden region is exceptional. It could be the constant sampling of wine and bubbly that spurns such magnificent invention, or it could be the idle time that so many winemakers have to think in the late afternoon.

But for Terry Grimm and his partner, Nick Grimm, the cart is a product of their own invention. The duo operates Sorento Imports in a beautifully remodeled service station in downtown Sonoma.

The cart, pictured here comes with a customized sidecar that can be filled with gelato or other refrigerated products. The family Grimm is also in development on a Panini Scooter and possibly a Crepe Scooter- the French would eat this up.

A great publicity vehicle, perfect for sampling menu items, or delivering lunches or dinners, the scooter is listing out for around $10.000.00. A reasonable amount for a cart that can not only promote your business but possibly produce a profit.

A good portion of the cost must be the vintage scooter and sidecar. I never thought of using a sidecar as a food service option. Mostly, one thinks of a three wheel Ape or Lambro, but you can probably go faster on the Vespa with a sidecar.

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