Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My new ride: KYMCO Yager GT 200i

I had to turn over the TMAX to Josh so that he could head to Southern California, but my consolation prize is the new KYMCO Yager. It's much different than the TMAX (what isn't?) but I intend to enjoy the heck out of riding it. We're just closing issue # 52, so look for a Yager review in issue # 53 which should hit right near the holidays.

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Mark said...

Wooo Hooo! I have been looking at this scooter since I first read about it a coupld of months ago. I have a Begman 400 that I love but I still want a little scooter that will at least do a 60Mph two lane Hiway. I think this might give the Sym HD200 a run for the money and the Aprilia Carabeo 200 is too tall for me and doesn't have much storage under the seat. I can't wait for my next issue!