Monday, August 03, 2009

Upcoming Event: San Francisco Classic

One of the first rallies that I attended was Kings Classic in San Francisco. I think it was the one with the flaming die patch. I didn't buy a patch because I thought it was lame to buy one if I didn't have a scooter. I was on the back of my friend Paul's P200 and I had never seen so many scooter in one place; taking over the streets, ignoring traffic signals, populating the air with blue smoke. It was exhilarating.

The Rally Kings are gone, but the event lives on in the form of The San Francisco Classic which takes place this weekend. San Francisco is a great town for riding. I'm so used to scooting around that town, that I hate riding in a car and would rather tow my scooter in a truck and park it on the outskirts so that I can get around. Silly but true.

This is a classic scooter rally for vintage bikes. No one begrudges the new bikes, but it is an old-style rally that should be left as it is, like an interactive museum.

I'm planning on being there on Saturday. I am seriously behind on the next issue, so I can only spare one weekend day.

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