Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"New Moon" star now a scooterist

MTV News asked New Moon actor Kellan Lutz about his new scooter purchase:
Q: Have you bought anything exciting yet with your "Twilight" earnings?
Lutz: Yes, I bought a scooter! It was amazing. I had no idea, but there are pictures [out there of me on it]; someone was taking pictures. I bought this way downtown, and I didn't see this paparazzi guy — I don't even know how they do what they do. It's so random, but there are dead-on pictures, where I should have been scooting up to them and seen them do it. ... But I love the scooter. I get, like, 100 gallons per mile on it, and it costs five bucks to fill the tank! So that's like a gallon-and-a half, and I go 150 miles. With my car, it's like 15 to 16 miles, so I take that anywhere and everywhere. I live in the Valley, so I can take that anywhere and everywhere [in Los Angeles], and it's fun zipping in and out [of traffic]. It's cool.

photo from JustJaredJr. 

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