Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Crazy" teacher Embarks on Scooter Journey

 Photo by Andy Burriss

I was amused by this article from the South Carolina Herald Online that revealed the plans of a high school teacher who is about to embark on a 600-mile ride to raise money for  the St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I found it funny on several levels; that a 600-mile ride would be classified at "crazy," that he has arrange for 2 automobile escorts; that he is undertaking this trip with minimal scootering experience (well, that may be unwise), and that the ride is called "Moped to Memphis" when he is on a scooter.

Regardless, its a fun story and I wish him well in raising funds for a good cause. A happy and safe journey to him!

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scoots zoots said...

I wonder how is going to go to Memphis? The scooter is not interstate legal. He will have to stay on the two lane roads all the way. Going through the mountain to get to Tennessee is going to be a trip in itself. That scooter does not have enough power to get over them. He will need a two cars with he gets to Memphis. I grow up there and that city has really gotten back. I hope he has contacted the different scooter clubs to give him support along the way. Memphis has a scooter club that I sure would be willing to get him to St. Jude. Good luck to our noble ride and be VERY carefull. Scoots of Denver