Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twist & Gone this weekend: Nashville, IN

Did I ever mention that I find slow races boring? Tolerable if it is done in one winner-take-all heat, but repeated heats of people riding slow, especially on modern scooters, is boring. I've been to rallies where everyone sat around and cheered or an hour while people rode in a slow line over, and over, and over. Yawn! I was plugging for mini drag races for Amerivespa 2009, but no one was buying it. Sure, drags can be dangerous, but they should only be attempted by people who are properly attired, have scooter skills (real skills) and do it in a controlled environment.

So I was thrilled to hear that some Indianapolis-area scooterists were arranging their own drag races called Twist & Gone. These races take place this weekend on May 1st at the Brown County Dragway in Nashvlle, Indiana. 
Scoot! is a sponsor of the rally. Unfortunately, we can't attend. Josh is currently in Korea for a wedding and I am trying to close out the current issue. I am eager to hear how it goes.

Read an article on it in the Brown County Democrat.

Here are the categories:

Class 1
4 Stroke Scooters
1a. 72cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 72cc, no power adders.
1b. 100cc Unlimited. Displacement must not be more than 100cc.
1c. 170cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 170cc, no power adders.
1d. 235 Unlimited. Displacement must not be more than 235cc.
1e. 250cc + Unlimited Maxiscooter.
Class 2
2 Stroke Scooters
2a. 99cc Pro. Displacement must not be more than 99cc, no power adders.
2b. 100cc + Pro. Displacement of 100cc or more, no power adders.
2c. 2 Stroke Unlimited, scooters only.
Class 3
3a. Unlimited Sprinter. 2 or 4 stroke scooter engines only please.
Class 4
Exhibition (Free with paid registration)
4a. King of the Hill. Any scooter that can pass tech can enter. All race entries get free admission to this class. If you plan on running Class 4 only the registration fee still applies.
The winner of this class gets the BIG trophy!

The event is sponsored by NASRA the North American Scooter Racing Association. If you are in the Midwest & want to race, check them out.

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