Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No Reason to Stay Home this Weekend

I remember when scooter rallies were few and far in between. Scooterists would be lucky if there were one or two rallies each year within trucking distance. Now that there are so many scooterists the US, and many more rallies, there is hardly an excuse to stay home on the weekend (unless you are working on your scoot!)

This weekend is one of those jam-packed scootering weekends. Here are some events that you may consider:

Classico Moto Italia
San Jose, CA
Vespa Club Los Gatos puts on their famous scooter rally. What is this # 17? Who knows, but if you remember the first one, you are old.  This is a typical rally in the old style. Expect an award showwith choice bikes and a long ride on Sunday.

Pittsburgh Vintage Scooter Club City Rally 10
Pittsburgh, PA

The club's 10th anniversary rally; pulling out all the stops. Saturday night has a gig with ska band The Pietasters.

May Day 2010
Eugene, OR

Oregon clubs really know how to put on a shindig. Top Dead Center is no exception. Their May Day rally is all the typical things you would expect from a rally, but like you would have done it when you were in your 20's and weren't worried about getting up for work on Monday, the corns on your feet and an upside-down mortgage---ya know, fun!

Blog entry soundtrack: "World Leader Pretend" by R.E.M.

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haven said...

Weekend is always mean to have funs and joys.In home we can just have nice sleep but with friends lots and lots.So its better to have weekends with friends in my side.

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