Saturday, May 29, 2010

AmeriVespa Weekend in Full Swing

Unfortunately, Scoot! Josh had to cancel his trip to AmeriVespa, so we are not in "'da house." But there are several friends who are and I can watch their videos and check out their photos and almost feel as if I'm there.

Joel Martin from Martin Racing Performance is shooting videos. here's the group at The Alamo.

The KYMCO team rode from South Carolina to Texas, around 1,400 miles, and documented the journey on their KYMCO blog.

If you are on Facebook, check out how Scoot! contributor, Pistol Pete documents his journey to and participation in AmeriVespa on The Scooter Stoke.

Also, check out Steve Guzman's blog, TheScooterScoop for lots of reports on the goings on at the event. Here's a photo from the blog of the Sachs MadAss winner:

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