Sunday, May 30, 2010

Scoot! Magazine issue # 56 shipping now!

The colors on this image are a little off, it is a bit more muted, but you get the idea. The next issue of Scoot! just arrived at the warehouse and is shipping, now. Shops should get their copies by June 4th, bookstores should have theirs by June 11th and subscribers should have theirs by the end of the month, depending upon how remote they are.

What's in this issue:

Scooter Art: including a cover by Parker Jacobs (of Yo! Gabba Gabba, Paul Frank Industries) a super-cool pull-out centerfold, and contributions of artists from all over the world.
New Scoot Reviews: Genuine Stella 4T, Sachs MadAss 125, La Vita 150EFi
Reader's Rides: Hank NoRush's Green Dragon and Josh Ellman's Orange Bike
Product Reviews: clothing, safety gear, helmets, books
Tips: for tying down your scooter
Regular features: Scooter Collector, rally calendar, classified, Show Us Your Scoots, and the Unlovables comic strip.

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