Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NEW: Scoot! Magazine e-SUB

Scoot! Magazine Announces E-Subscription:
Speedy, Convenient, and Environmentally-Friendly Option

Santa Clara, CA—August 24, 2010— Scoot! Magazine, North America's leading publication for motorscooter enthusiasts, announced that it now offers an electronic subscription [e-Sub] option for customers who prefer to read the magazine online rather than in its standard printed form. As with the domestic print subscription, the e-Sub costs $24.95 for one year (6 issues).
The e-Sub offers several benefits:
  • Convenience: issues are available for subscriber viewing at the Scoot! website and can be accessed by any computer running the current version of Adobe Flash.
  • Speed: e-versions are processed at the same time of printing, usually granting e-Sub subscribers access 1-3 weeks earlier than retail customers or print subscribers.
  • Access: e-Sub subscribers will immediately have access to the six most recent issues. As a new issue appears, the oldest issue is removed. By the end of the subscription, e-Sub buyers will have had electronic access to 11 issues.
  • Enhancements: the e-version of the magazine can accommodate multimedia options such as sound, video and active web links.
  • Greener Option: Since the e-Sub is fulfilled entirely online, there is no paper to recycle, no old issues in landfill.
"The Scoot! Magazine e-Sub is a great option for our foreign subscribers who pay more for their print subscriptions and wait longer to receive them," says Managing Editor April Whitney. "Now they can pay the same price as a domestic subscription and get access to it faster."

The e-Sub is easy to purchase:
  • Go to scootmagazine.com and select "Subscribe" from the menu
  • Select "Scoot!-e-SUB"[new users will need to create an account]
  • Once payment is processed, the user will have access to the online subscription
For more information on Scoot! Magazine and its subscription options, contact Scoot! Magazine Headquarters: 408.294.4292 or info@scootmagazine.com.

About Scoot! Magazine

Founded in 1997, Scoot! Magazine is the leading publication for motorscooter enthusiasts in North America. Published six times a year, it provides news, reviews, technical articles and cultural dispatches for scooter fans. Find out more at www.scootmagazine.com.

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