Friday, October 01, 2010

Goin' on Scooter Vacation!

I'm going to be offline for a while as I'll be on vacation. And this isn't just a long weekend driving to a far away scooter rally. I'm heading to France for a scooter tour organized by Edelweiss Travel. While the company has been leading motorcycle tours for abut 30 years, it just began offering tours by scooter. I'll be taking their Cote d'Azur by Scooter tour.

The 7-day trip itinerary:

5 Day Riding Route
DAY 1 Arrival in Grasse
DAY 2 Principality of Monaco
DAY 3 Grand Canyon du Verdon
DAY 4 Beaches of St. Tropez
DAY 5 Fragrances of Provence
DAY 6 The rich and beautiful of Cannes
DAY 7 Departure from Grasse 

We have opted for 250cc bikes. Not sure of the make. Perhaps we'll get a Peugeot! The total riding distance is about 470 miles with our daily rides--50-130 miles. We'll have a guide but can go at ou own pace. The other 8 people on the trip are also Americans, so there won't be a language barrier there.

I took 4 years of French in high school, but that was 20+ years quite some time ago! Since we'll be in the south of France we won't be able to attend the Paris auto show, where the new Mini and Smart scooters will be on  display. So close!

I'll try to update Twitter and post to the blog whenever possible, but I'm wary of using the iPhone too much. I'll be taking lots of trip will make a great article in the next issue!

I'm excited!

I'll be curious to see what my garden looks like when I return. My housemate will water it while I am gone, but I'm sure my carrots and broccoli will be much bigger when I next see them. 

See you in mid-October!

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