Sunday, October 03, 2010

Paul Frank Scooter Swag

If you read the print version of Scoot! you may recall seeing an ad for Paul Frank stationery items. I interviewed the actual Paul Frank (before his namesake company dismissed him) waaay back in Scoot! issue # 19 (we're on 58, now!) and he was pleasant and charming. He said that while he had never owned a scooter, he admired the SoCal kids that rode them and he used the motif in his artwork. Paul Frank Industries continues to periodically use scooters. Here are some current offerings.

Sheriff Julius T-Shirt (Toddler)

Julius is a cool motocop on his P series-style scooter. Thanks to Gretchen & Desmond for alerting me to this cool shirt they got at Target. Just $8.99. You can buy two for that price, so when your kids stains it, you have another.

Julius Scooters Knit Boxer Brief

While some guys may prefer crisp, broadcloth boxers, these soft knit Y-front style boxers may change their minds when they see the cool Julius scooter on them. $18 at the Official Paul Frank store, alas they only have Small. 

Scooter Love Women's T-Shirt
Available at the Official Paul Frank Store for $22 in sizes XS-L.

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Leo_DueƱas said...

I tried to buy the "Scooter Love Women's T-shirt" for my girlfriend, but they don't do international shipping... And I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hey people from Paul Frank, we foreigners scooterists are also a good deal! More money for your business, so what's the problem?


-april said...

It may not be that they don't *want* you to purchase the shirt, but they may have licensing agreements with different distributors in different countries. Sine Paul Frank Industries is a mega-licensing company I bet that is the issue. They probably have an agreement that precludes them selling in other countries. Try eBay or find a friend in the US to get it for you & ship.