Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ride into the Gap!

Okay, well many of you may not be old enough to remember when it was hard to distinguish The Gap from Miller's Outpost (which became Anchor Blue and went out of business this month). But, The Gap decided to go for a more refined look and left Miller's in the dust. The Gap now brings a certain sense of safe, affordable style to buyers.

In 2008, I posted about the scooter boxers that they sold. I bought 2 pairs of those for my BF. Now, pal Nancy D. alerts me to some cool baby clothes with scooters on them. While one body suit (below) looks classic, the other items look more like modern Vespas. 

another body suit:

and this reversible jacket, which is scooteriffic on one side and plain black with one scooter over the left chest when reversed:

The set also includes a Beenie and a one-piece jumpsuit. Get them now while they are on sale!

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