Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Ride to Work: June 20, 2011

I probably don't need to tell you that you will save gas by riding your scooter to work rather than driving a car. The fuel-efficiency of a scooter is on everyone's mind right now. So it's even a better reason to participate in Ride to Work Day.

For the 2007 Ride to Work Day, I published some ideas on how to make the event a community-building and awareness event like the Bike to Work Day has become. These ideas bear repeating:
  • Contact local scooter & motorcycle shops to see if they would host a stop. Most people commute in the early morning hours, so it may be a tough sell to get the store to be available from 6-9am, but its worth it.
  • Get a local grocery store on board to supply the snacks. I know from experience that Whole Foods Markets are pro-alternative transport and you may be able to get them to help out like many of them do for Bike to Work day.
  • Contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and see if they can send you information on safe riding, helmet fitting etc.
  • Find local clubs that may be interested in manning the booth to promote their club or perhaps just leave information on their club.
  • Send a press release to the local news about the event and list any stations that you have. Do this at least 4 weeks in advance for newspapers and 2 weeks in advance for broadcast outlets.
  • Get sponsors to donate product for a raffle. Get participants to sign up and then add them to an email list (with their permission of course) to keep them updated on future events. 
  • Organize an after work "Happy Hour" where participants meet up for dinner or snacks and share their RTW stories. Don't forget to dissuade drinking & driving!
If you participate in Ride to Work Day, share your photos on our Facebook page. 

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