Monday, May 28, 2007

New Scoot! T-Shirt

We've got a new t-shirt that should go into production in the next couple of weeks. Designed by Spanish artist, Charuca, for our Scooter Art issue, it is a vibrant, sexy illustration likely to get scooter boys and girls excited to get dressed in the morning. Because many of our past graphic Ts have sold out quickly, we're trying a pre-order system this time. You can go to our website & place a pre-order which will not charge your card until we are ready to ship the shirt. This will help us order a more appropriate quantity. The shirt comes in both
a women's version and a men's version so make sure to order the right one.
Note: the Scoot! logo will not appear on the shirt, just in the online logo.

If you have any feedback on the shirt or suggestions on what sort of clothing or lifestyle items you would like Scoot! to offer, let me know. We aim to please...:)

Also, if you want to get a look at Charuca's other work, visit her website.

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