Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ride to Work Day

Did you ride to work today? I did. Although my 5-mile commute isn't an endurance test, it did rain today (in California?!?) but I managed to miss it. Not only is it more fun to ride to work, it is a great way to conserve fuel, reduce emissions and take up less space overall. I even did some grocery shopping and loaded up a big canvas tote bag with goodies from Whole Foods for the week ahead. The oil change indicator on the SYM I am using is about to tell me that an oil change is imminent. I also need to learn how to add coolant as I am not used to new-fangled things such as water-cooling, disc brakes and gas gauges on a scooter! :)

I enjoyed the ride so much that instead of calling my chiropractor for an appointment, I just dropped by to say hello. If I had been in a car, I probably would have just called him from my cell.

Well, I'm rabling about things that aren't that significant, so let me just say that I am glad I rode to work today and hope you did, too.

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