Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vectrix Electric Scooter Arrives in US

At Scoot!, we have been talking about the Vectrix electric scooter for a couple of years. It's great to finally see it come to fruition with its release this week.

For those who ride scooters for their environmental benefits and low operating costs, the Vectrix is right up their alley. Its NiMH battery pack is said to last up to 10 years with an annual mileage of 5,000. It also has an on board charger that can plug into standard 110/220V outlets and charge in two hours. The bike retails for $11,000 which means the it will take quite some time to offset the price of gas. But, with it's peppy acceleration (0-50 in 6.8 seconds) and a range of 40-60 miles per charge it may prove to be fun enough to put way more than the estimated 5K on it each year.

Scoot! co-publisher Mike Zorn got a chance to ride a Vectrix in Italy at the Milan show and was impressed. We look forward to giving it a thorough review in an upcoming issue.

Upcoming Vectrix events and appearances include:
July 28-29: Concours d’Elegance, Newport Mansions in Newport, R.I.
August 9: Vectrix Test Ride Event with British Motor Car Distributors LTD (BMC) in San Francisco.
August 11-12: Vectrix Test Ride Event with The Green Car Company in Seattle.
August 18: Vectrix Store Grand Opening in Newport, R.I.
August 25: 35th Annual Electric Car Rally & Show in Palo Alto, Calif.
September 28-29: AltWheels Alternative Transportation & Energy Festival in Boston

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