Friday, July 20, 2007

Scooterboys Terrorize Londoners

And Americans thought US scooter rally rides were annoying....

Dreaded scooter riders take over Selsdon

This article from is interesting in that I wonder how much of their complaints come from genuine Scooter Boy bad behavior and how much comes from misunderstanding.
"Only last week I was driving my car and they surrounded me, I was afraid of knocking one of them over. Then, one drove in front, took his hands off the bars and pulled down his trousers and showed me his bottom. I never knew how disturbed and shocked you can be by these gangs of scooter riders, I was very frightened by the whole experience."

If I was a motorist presented with a crowd of scooter boys, I'd let them pass and get on their way rather than stress myself out trying to drive along with them. As for a mooning from a goofy scooterist, I wouldn't be frightened, more grossed-out.

Maybe the Scooter Boys of Seldon should try a PR campaign to ease some of the resident's fears. Some basic education and some common courtesy ground rules could go a long way.

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