Friday, January 04, 2008

Scoot! Contributor's Deadline 1/15

If you are thinking about contributing to the next issue of Scoot!, your deadline is January 15th.

How can you contribute? Send us a good photo of yourself with your scooter for our Show Us Your Scoots section. If you've got an exceptionally custom or unique scooter, submit a Reader's Ride by filling-out the questionnaire and submitting several high-quality photos of the bike. Send us a report on a rally you participated in.

For more information on how to contribute, check out our contribution guidelines on our website.


Tim said...

I've tried to upload photos of the 1985 Honda Spree I recently restored but it tells me the format is wrong but they are jpg files. I'll try again today.

-april said...

Not sure where you are trying to upload the files to, but don't do it that way. Email me directly and I'll let you know how to submit the photos. They must be high-res in order for us to publish them , so ensure they are at least 300dpi at actual size.