Friday, January 25, 2008

Singing & scooting...

Today, it is very windy and overcast in San Jose. The dark rain clouds that dumped rain upon us over that past few days have receded and it's just a gloomy day. On days like this I sometimes lookout the window an try to image what it will be like in a few months. Clear blue skies, dry, hot air and sunlight that causes me to shade my eyes or don big sunglasses. When the weather seems likely to get me down, I try to remember those days--look out at the view from my house and actually try to recreate in my mind one of those spring or summer days.

One of these moment got me thinking about what rides I'll want to go on as soon as the weather turns. And that got me thinking about one of my favorite *secret* pastimes: singing while I ride.

I am a terrible singer. I know lots of people say that in mock humility, but I really do suck at singing. I've been to karaoke and got up to sing-- not because it brings me pleasure, but mostly be a good sport and not be a party-pooper. But, I've discovered that it really is best for all involved if I just stay seated and clap politely for those who do a mediocre to fabulous job. Once, I was singing karaoke at a friend's house--a pretty ego-safe location-- and when I got a few lines into the song, a few people poked their heads in from the kitchen to see who was beating a cat or trying to dull drill bits. That was my last karaoke effort.

So, singing and scooting is a great combo for me. I love to just sing out loud to songs that I love. Doing it in the car is too risky, unless you wear a bluetooth earpiece and make it look like you are talking on the phone.

But, on a great ride, when the temperature is mild and the air is clean, the roads are inviting and my scooter is dialed in, I really just feel like singing. And since I have the wherewithal to wear a full-face helmet, no one is the wiser about my *secret*.

What do I sing? I'm partial to "25 Miles" by Edwin Starr. Can be very appropriate, especially on a long ride, although it is usually my butt rather than my feet that is "hurting mighty bad." Sometimes, the day can be so beautiful that other songs come to mind. Perhaps, "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison for a sweet summer morning ride through the grassy hills around San Jose. During the summer, when the air is filled with the smell of BBQ grills, my appetite gets going and I think of "Bar-B-Que" by Wendy Rene that you can get on that Rhino Boxed set.

What songs do you sing when you're riding?
Comment on your suggestions for cool scootin-n-singing songs.


Tim said...

I sing when I mow the yard. Usually whatever comes to mind. Except country.

mojo said...

When I'm out riding I can't stop singing Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild" - "get your motor running, get out on the highway, lookin' for adventure, born to be wiiiillld"