Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ne-Yo's Closer Sports Rude Boy Style

I'm not a fan of Ne-Yo, not meaning that I don't like him, I just don't know his music. But his recent video for the song, Closer must have been styled by someone who had a penchant for the 60's Rude Boy look. Ne-Yo is sporting some very stylish duds that look straight outta The Face's closet.

I wish more men dressed like this nowadays. So stylish and sexy. Hey, that might be the first time I used "sexy" in my blog!

Oh the one drawback is that he's pushing a motorcycle. He really should be pushing a Lambretta.


Anonymous said...

He is pushing a Matchless british motorcycle(true class)
Why would he be pushing an italian hairdryer?

-april said...

Ugh! Not more scooter versus motorcycle drudgery. This is a scooter blog, therefore I am interested in seeing people on scooters. Thus it would please me more personally to see a scooter.
No need to get snippy and use the tired "hairdryer" comment. You'll notice I said nothing disparaging about motorcycles. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Your correct, Im really sorry for the silly remark, anything with two wheel is cool in my book, as long as we are not in the metal coffins they call cars.