Thursday, January 01, 2009

Top Gear Goes 2-Wheels

U.K motor-enthusiast show Top Gear which became avaiable on BBC America this year ran a special episode which had the three hosts trying to make a 1,000-mile trip from bottom to top of Vietnam. The hosts were given a meager amount of money-- just enough to get motorcycles or scooters and were off. This is a typical type of set-up for the show-- to have them select their own vehicles on a budget and then test them in a humorous and mildly silly way. BUT since these guys are car-nuts, the addition of motorcycles is a new (if not ego-testing) development.
Richard chose a Russian Minsk, James chose a Honda CB50, and Jeremy (the tallest of the lot) chose a Vietnamese "restored" Vespa.

Anyone who has heard about Vietnam's roads, traffic and the notoriously bad Vespa restorations may have an inkling on how it turns out. But Top Gear always has something up its sleeve....enjoy the show!

Top Gear airs on Mondays at 8pm (ET/PT) and 7pm (CT). Check it out!

Note: This episode is from the recent season, yet I believe that BBC America shows older seasons. Oh, and if you are an American with a big head, bring your own helmet to Vietnam!

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Zelda Rose said...

BBCAmerica is a season behind on their edited broadcasts of Top Gear, so it'll be the spring before this episode shows up.

However, you can go to Final Gear ( and download the episode by torrent or html.

Just saying...