Monday, July 13, 2009

Annapolis: Watch your scoots!

The Baltimore Sun reported today on a rash of scooter thefts in the area. According to the story, the bikes in question don't need to be registered, which leads me to believe that most of the scooters are 50cc. Even if you don't pay a lot for your scooter, you can still do several things to deter theft:

  • Use a disc brake lock, especially one with an alarm (Cost: $20-100)
  • Use a substantial cable lock to anchor your bike to a permanent structure (Cost: $15-80)
  • Use a bike cover- thieves poking around draw unwanted attention (Cost: $20-70)

More expensive ways to deter theft:
  • Employ the Lo-Jack System
  • Re-wire your kill switch to a hidden place which will make it hard for thieves to ride away
  • Use an enclosure such as a shed or a RideInn
In order to keep your scooter safe, you need to stay vigilant and a step ahead of the bad-guys.

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