Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Want to submit a rally report?

I have been doing this so long that I often forget that not everyone knows about our rally report process/policy. If you have ever wanted to contribute a rally report, read my suggestions below.

We love to get rally reports from the field. We often sponsor rallies, and I ask the rallies to furnish a report so that we know what happens. We can't be everywhere, ya know?
Ideally, rally reports should be:
  • 400-800 words long, either pasted into an email or attached in MS Word, Appleworks or plain text (txt) formats. We use Macs, so don't use Wordpad. We can't open those documents.
  • Accompanied by at least 5 photos, preferably digital jpeg or tiff images at the highest quality setting possible. The minimum resolution we can accept is 300 dpi. Although dpi is usually for printers, most digital cameras use this as a measurement.
  • Emailed to April: april AT scootmagazine DOT com
  • Make sure to include: Rally Title, City/State, Date of event, # of bikes or attendees, sponsoring club name (if any), website address (if any) for readers to find out more.Don't forget your name & address, as well as the name/address of any photographers who contribute.
The point of a rally report is to share what is going on around the country, and to inspire others to come to the next rally or to create their own rally. The report shouldn't be a blow-by-blow chronological itinerary, but should instead show what made the rally particularly fun or unique. We want to inspire others to join in on rally fun!

Anyone can contribute a rally report, but if you are not affiliated with the rally, check with the organizers, first. They may already have plans for a submission.

While we cannot pay our contributors, we an send copies of the magazine to express our thanks.

Still got questions? Email me.

Happy scooting,

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