Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking for the Most Scooter-Friendly College/University

Scooters are ideal modes of transportation for students. They are economical with fuel, maintenance and are easy to park, making them perfect for parking on and off campus.

We're looking for the most scooter-friendly campus in the US. I'd like to do a story on what makes it so well-suited for scooters, with hopes to inspire other schools to embrace and encourage scooter riding.

Want to nominate your school? Send a 100-300 word essay extolling the school's benefits to scooter riders. Be sure to not only consider just easy parking or a discounted permit. We want to know of the general attitude towards scooters. How many scooter riders are on campus? Have any facilities, rules or accommodations been made just for scooters? Is there a local scooter club or place where scooterists congregate? Consider all the angles when drafting your nomination. Send your submission to April (select Interested in Contributing).

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