Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Taiwan Flikr Set

As usual, I have come down with a cold after traveling. I tried to do everything I could to avoid it, including bringing nose spray to keep my sinuses hydrated. However, my plane from Tokyo to San Francisco was so dry that I ende up getting dry eyes. They felt like sandpaper! Will I ever win?

Anyways, the downtime has given me an opportunity to upload my photos to Flikr. Some have captions, some don't but you can get an idea of where I went. I also took tons of video of scootin' action, but will need to edit that *after* I get the next issue to design. My work is never done!

Check out my Taiwan 2009 Flikr set.

1 comment:

MissScooter said...

Great pictures! Taiwan seems to be a perfect place to be a scooterist!